Department of Physics

Name :  Dr. Shivendu Tripathi
Designation: Associate Professor
Date of Joining: 22-01-2009
Qualification: PhD
Area of specialization: Material Science
Contact No: 9450888834
Email-id: shivendut20@gmail.com

Name :  Satish Yadav
Designation: Assistant Professor
Date of Joining: 26-07-2022
Qualification: NET-JRF
Area of specialization: Quantum Mechanics
Contact No: 9889263773
Email-id: s30mux@gmail.com

Name :  Pawan Kumar Pathak 
Designation: Assistant Professor
Date of Joining: 21-10-2022
Qualification: M.Sc., MPhil, NET, GATE
Area of specialization: Condense Matter Physics
Contact No: 9456010645
Email-id: pkpathak.1000@gmail.com